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Spa Sensations

Rose Absolute

This golden oil applies to the skin like liquid velvet. Contains natural ingredients such as mango butter and apple oil, this syrupy nectar delivers instant softness and luxury to the skin, making it extremely soft to the touch. Plant oils contained in this Velvet Body Lotion vary in size, with smaller particle oils quickly absorbed into the skin, and larger particle oils coating the skin, preventing moisture loss and keeping the skin ultra smooth and wonderfully soft. Contains organic MonRose essential oil which is known for its super moisturizing properties. Everybody who has tried this product has loved it.


All purpose balms which can be applied to the skin to relive sore muscles, applied to temples to help soothe headaches, applied to the chest or neck and inhaled to help clear colds, applied to insect bites or burns etc. Made with 100% natural ingredients and abundant in Thai herbs which help heal many symptoms.Available in Ginger, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and Lavender oil

Body Toner

A skin soothing toning spray which helps make the skin tighter and firmer and leaves it feeling cool. To be used after body treatments such as scrubs or slimming treatments.Available in Rose Water, Ginger Water and Kaffir Lime Water

Hair Tonic Scalp

Ginseng Root Extract is the main active ingredient which helps improve scalp condition making the scalp healthier, regulates sebaceous secretion and decreases itching and dandruff. Stops aging of the scalp to prevent hair loss and restructures hair.

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